You were convicted of DWI. You served the minimum period of license revocation required by law and followed the instructions to apply to get your license back.  But instead of getting your license, the DMV sent you a cryptic letter informing you that your application was denied! But hey, you can always reapply if you'd like, or maybe appeal the determination.

No license? It's the 21st century! You HAVE to be able to drive! No one can survive without a license! Now what do you do???

Now you call Todd W. Carpenter, Esq. at Catalano & Carpenter LLP at (845) 454-1919.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, there may be various options available that can help get you back on the road, legally, and headed toward the life you want.  Todd can review those options with you, determine which ones may be best for you, and take the steps necessary to restore your driving privileges as soon as possible.  

Sure, you can try to appeal the denial or reapply like the letter says. But think about it, what about your situation has changed since you first applied that you think will make the DMV change its mind? Most likely, nothing. And "pretty please" or "but I really need to drive" won't work. There are situations where an appeal may be the best option for you to pursue, however. But you won't know until you speak with an experienced attorney who can guide you through the bureaucratic red tape.

The ability to drive is too important to leave to the DMV. Call Todd W. Carpenter today to discuss how he can help fight for you and your license. 

The sooner we get involved, the sooner we can help! 

Why Was Your Application Denied?

​The DMV enacted regulations in 2012 that allowed it to deny - for significantly extended periods of time or even permanently - driver's license applications for thousands of people who had recently been convicted of alcohol related driving convictions and/or serious driving offenses.  What's worse is that the regulations also allowed the DMV to retroactively extend many existing suspension and revocation periods, resulting in denials and revocations for thousands more people who would have otherwise been eligible to reinstate driving privileges.  

​​If you are one of the countless (now former) drivers caught up in the over-sized and arguably unconstitutional DMV net, the consequences of losing your ability to dive are undoubtedly crushing, likely costing you job opportunities, income, freedom and possibly even your family. Fortunately, Todd W. Carpenter, Esq. of Catalano & Carpenter LLP may be able help you get back your driving privileges and your life. 

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