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Catalano & Carpenter LLP Keeps Points Off Your License!

The traffic ticket defense attorneys at Catalano & Carpenter LLP have defended hundreds of drivers all over New York State who have been charged with every type of traffic infraction, and in the overwhelming majority of those cases we were able to significantly reduce the number of points of a conviction or eliminate the points altogether! 

In most cases we are able to resolve your traffic ticket without you ever having to set foot inside a courtroom!   

Call us today at (845) 454-1919 for a quick over-the-phone consultation to see how we can help you keep points off your license. 

  • Speeding Tickets
  • ​Cell Phone Violations
  • ​Passed School Bus
  • Stop Sign Violation
  • Lane Violations
  • Signal Violations
  • Equipment Violations
  • Unlicensed Operation

Do you really need a lawyer to handle a traffic ticket for you? I mean, really, what’s the worst that can happen from a ticket ticket conviction?

Truthfully, in most cases you can probably get away without hiring an attorney to

resolve your ticket for you.  You may be able to talk to the special prosecutor or

officer yourself and work out a plea agreement that you can live with.  Those people

are typically the ones who've been driving for 25 years and never had a ticket

before; they have no other points or accidents on their license/record; they were

actually over the speed limit by only a few mph; or they're married to the cop....But even in those situations a positive outcome is not guaranteed. 

Some courts - and some particular officers within certain courts - refuse to plea bargain with regard to certain tickets, or at all! Some courts only accept certain plea deals. Are you prepared to defend yourself at a trial on that ticket in those cases? Would you know that before you go to court to make sure you're effectively prepared? 

Depending on who issued you the ticket and in what jurisdiction, you may have to negotiate with a special prosecutor, or the trooper, sheriff or local agency officer who issued you the ticket. That can be intimidating, and in some cases, detrimental to you since officers may be inclined to be more assertive with the actual driver. 

There are many reasons for hiring Catalano & Carpenter LLP to help you with your traffic ticket, but only one that truly matters: we know the law; we know the point system; we know the negative unit system and we know how to take every step possible to help protect your license.  And if you're not one of the lucky few described above who may not need an attorney, because you DO have points on your license already, you're accused of severely exceeding the speed limit, you were driving without a license in the first place, or you have a CDL, then you could also be be facing serious additional consequences, like: (a) heavy fines, (b) the Driver Responsibility Assessment, (c) increase to your insurance rates, (d) loss of your driver's license/privilege, and (e) possible even jail!

Traffic violations are not something to take lightly. We have represented many clients who have "buyer's remorse," they didn't want to deal with the ticket so they just pleaded guilty and mailed it in.  Then they find out the consequences of that conviction after it's too late. There are ways to possibly fix that problem (through a motion called a Writ of Error Coram Nobis​, and we're able to help you with that, too), but don't even take that chance. If you have been ticketed for any violation of the NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law, call Catalano & Carpenter LLP now, before you make that mistake. 

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Reliability. Integrity. Experience. 

Our goal at Catalano & Carpenter LLP is not to simply meet our clients' legal needs, but to far exceed their expectations.  With nearly 40 years of combined experience, our attorneys certainly know how to handle your legal matter; but we believe our personal attention to each client, as well as our unwavering integrity toward every case, adversary and judge, distinguishes us from other firms.  Every case is different. Every client is different. And every law firm is different. Call us today to see how the difference at Catalano & Carpenter LLP can best serve your legal needs.

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